Blog Reflection (My Last Post)

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Blogging has been an interesting experience that has helped me expand my creativity and writing skills. The most fun I had from writing blogs is coming up with topics that I can write about. The topics I had written about are facts about myself, product reviews, tips for a successful experience at Coachella, and etc. One of my favorite blog post is called “Things that make me happy.” This blog post was one of my favorite to write because it made me realize the little stuff, like hiking, can make me the happiest person in the world. Also, I liked having the freedom to write about anything I want. Having no one else telling me what I have to write about and I can write about pickles if I wanted to. My blog post, “Things that really get my goat,” are one of the posts that I was freely able to write about. This post helped express my irritation towards things that can allow others relate too.

The things that I disliked about blogging was feeling like my posts weren’t good enough. Personally, writing is something that I have difficulty with. I become very critical with my writing and edit my papers over and over again in hopes for it to become something that others seem to achieve easily. Also, blogging had to become part of my schedule in order to complete assignments, which is hard because I’ve had a busy schedule with school and work.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to continue to blog because my schedule is too hectic to fit in blogging. During the summer I am going to be doing summer session and working as well. I would continue to blog to help me write about topics that are on my mind but I will be too busy. This will be my last post and thank you to those who have viewed my posts before this.

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Daily Blogging Challenge Reflection

I wasn’t able to blog everyday this month due to a lot of assignments with English class and other classes. I wish I was able to get it done everyday so I can get as many extra points added to the research paper. I think if I were to be successful to do a lot more blogs I could’ve organized my time better.

I liked the Daily Blogging Challenge because it relied on a lot of creativity and it also helped me become a better writer. However, having to post a blog every day was something I disliked about this activity.

From this activity I was able to learn that I can write 300 or more words easily. Also I learned that I have a lot to say about any topic which is practice for myself to improve my grammar and expressing my opinion.  Blogging was also useful to establish my own style of writing.

My favorite post that I have written so far is my “Coachella Tips” blog. This blog was fun to write because it talks about my experience at Coachella and giving advice to others to help them have the same awesome experience I had. Another blog I enjoyed writing was “Travel Bucket list.” This was fun to write because I would travel all over the world if I could, but I had to choose the top locations that I really want to go to. Then I talk about why I would want to travel to these certain locations based off of what you can do there, like snorkeling.

I don’t think I will continue to do this activity because I’m not interested in blogging. It is an awesome way to express your opinion as well as receiving criticism from others, but I would rather do something else with my time.

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Product Reveiw: Apple Watch (series 3)

Apple Watch Series 3

The series 3 Apple Watch had released last year. This is my first Apple Watch and so far I’m loving it. Some people will ask me if it’s worth buying and I can say it’s worth it. There are certain features that I love about this watch and here are a couple:

1. Watch Faces

You can personally design what you want to show up on your watch. This can include different themes like Disney, Floral, standard, etc. I personally have the time shown and how many calories I burn in a day. This helps me keep track of my burned calories when I go to the gym.

2. The Band

The watch band is super comfortable and can adjust to your liking of how snug you want the watch to be around your wrist. The band is made of silicone so if it’s not itchy and perfect for when I go to the gym and sweat a lot.

3. Workout Tracking App

Out of the many apps, I love the workout tracking app. This app keeps track of your heart rate depending on what you’re doing, like indoor running. From the heart rate, the workout app can calculate how many calories I burned. I personally set my goal to burn at least 530 calories per day.

4. Messages

The Apple Watch is able to connect to the Iphone so it can receive notifications like text messages. I love the messages app on the watch because when I’m at work I’m unable to look at my phone so the watch comes in handy to show me who texted me on it’s little screen. Also, you’re able to reply back by drawing out letters on the screen or you can speak into it.

5. Waterproof

I love that this watch is waterproof. I actually got into the pool one time and completely forgot that the watch was on my wrist but didn’t affect it at all. The one thing cool about this is that is also includes an eject mode to get rid of water lurking inside after you’ve gone swimming.

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My idea of a “perfect” day


1. Waking up early

I’m a night owl but I have 7 AM classes which means I don’t get a lot of sleep. However, I love being able to start my day early and make the most of it. When I’m not in school, I would love to transition to waking up early with at least 8 hours of sleep. You’re able to get so much done with an early start to your day as well, so you can be able to go do fun stuff later. Also, I think its beautiful to watch the sunrise.

24 Hour Fitness

2. Going to the gym for 2 hours

Personally I love going to the gym at least for two hours in the morning. Going in the morning is better because you can start the day feeling great from burning so many calories. Whether it be working out arms, abs or legs, having a complete workout makes me feel more productive. Also, I go to 24 hour fitness  which means it’s less crowded in the morning usually.

3. Getting ready for the day

I love getting ready for the day by taking a shower from the gym and then putting on my makeup while my hair drys for a little bit. Then planning a cute outfit, like denim jeans and a loose black top with black booties, can start your day with a little bit of confidence boost. Finally, after drying my hair with the blow dryer, my hair is soft and straight which is my favorite easy-go-to hairstyle.

4. Lunch with friends

After getting ready, a plan to go out and eat with your friends is a fun and chill thing to do. Usually my friends and I have hectic schedules, so when we find time to be able to get together and catch up , it means a lot. I think the best places to eat are the one that have outdoor seating. The Cheesecake Factory at the Americana is usually my go to. You’re able to eat outside and have a pretty view of the outdoor mall.

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Current Trends: Dislikes and Likes

Kim Kardashian with Platinum Blonde Hair

I love the platinum blonde hair look. It has been around for decades but it made its comeback this year. This has become really trendy since celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez have dyed their hair this color. I wish I can do this but I’m really scared to kill my hair since I’ve always had dark brown hair.

Bobby Pin Hairstyles 


I don’t like this bobby pin hair style.  Only the top left pic bothers me. I think it makes people look childish. It reminds me of a 5 year-old trying to pin back her hair but it didn’t stay on very well. Honestly what is the point of having the bobby pins right there by your face if the whole purpose of it is to hold back pieces of your hair.

Finesse by Bruno Mars with Cardi B

I love that the 90’s street style is making a comeback. Its colorful and loose. Denim overalls is my favorite look. I like the crop top underneath as well. This look is very comfortable and honestly who doesn’t love denim. Also, my favorite looks are the ones on the music video “Finesse (Remix with Cardi B)” by Bruno Mars. The outfits are neon with gold jewelry, like hoops. I honestly probably can’t pull it off.

Spongebob Squarepants Meme

Memes are pictures with funny sayings. There have been many going around from memes with the “???” surrounding a guy with a confused face to The Avengers disappearing memes. Oddly enough my favorite memes to look at are the Spongebob Squarepants memes. I haven’t watched Spongebob Squarepants in many years, but I can still remember some of the episodes and characters. I like the memes that deal with The Chumbucket and The Krusty Krab. The Avengers disappearing memes can be pretty funny but I kinda don’t like how they give away part of the movie, especially for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.

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2018 Bucket List

Rise Festival at night

 Rise Festival

I’ve always wanted to go to the Rise Festival by Las Vegas. It is a festival where you release lanterns that rise into the sky and also listen to music. You can go during the day or at night, but I think it is more beautiful at night because you will get to see all the lanterns light up the dark sky. They will also have food and drinks there which is honestly really cool but probably expensive. It is happening on October 5th and 6th, which is a Friday and Saturday. I would want to go to either day, but I think I’m just not excited for the long drive. I like at the Rise festival you get to write a message or story on the lantern before you let it go into the sky. It gives a personal meaning to your lantern when you release it into the sky.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights this year will definitely be interesting because it is going to be based on Stranger Things. I love that show! I’m really excited to see what they will do with the maze. I’ve been to Halloween Horror Nights a few times and I think it is super fun, especially with a group of friends. Watching each other get scared is the funniest thing ever. The scariest mazes I have been on is the Insidious and American Horror Story. Halloween Horror Nights definitely gets your adrenaline up and it’s for those who are adrenaline junkies.

Small rose tattoo

Get a small tattoo

I want to get a small tattoo this year. It will be my first time getting one. I want to get an all red ink tattoo that is a rose. On the stem of the rose, I want it to say “belle âme” which means beautiful soul. The tattoo will be for my grandma because she loves roses and she was one of the most beautiful, strongest women I knew in my life. I miss her everyday and getting a tattoo for her that will forever be on my body, will be an honor.

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How to take off Acrylic Nails

These past two months I’ve had acrylic nails on and don’t get me wrong I love them. However, my nails are getting weaker and I hate that I have to type with the bas of my finger rather then using my finger tips. I loved having long nails again but it’s time to allow my nails to heal.

What you will need:

  • A bowl
  • Acetone
  • A Nail File
  • Another bowl but bigger than the other one
  • Nail Clipper
  • Cuticle oil
  • Nail Thickening Polish
  • At least two hours of your time (:

I have been to only one salon that actually does this technique on removing acrylic nails. This one will be a lot more healthier for your nails.

1. File down your acrylic nails to take off some of the coat on top of the acrylic nails. Then cut a little bit of the acrylic nails off.

2.Pour acetone in the small bowl. You don’t have to pour too much because you’re just sticking the top of your acrylic nails in.

3.Grab the big bowl and pour hot water into, or you can grab normal water and microwave it until hot. Whatever works. It doesn’t need to be filled to the top because you’re going to stick the little bowl of acetone inside. I learned that the heat makes the acetone work a lot faster in breaking down the acrylic nails.

4.Then you’re going to insert your hands into the acetone but just only the tips because you don’t want to stick your whole hand in acetone if you want dry skin.

5.You’re going to wait 30 minutes at least and then file off whatever you can of the acrylic nails. You most likely need to do this 2-3 more times to get the acrylic nails completely off.

6.Once you have clean nails you can file your nails into whatever shape you like and then put the cuticle oil and nail thickening polish on your nails. Then all done!

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